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Our Mission

Cultivating a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Lavender Legacy

At Great Lakes Lavender Farm, our mission is to create a sustainable and eco-friendly haven for lavender enthusiasts, united by our love for this versatile and enchanting plant. We are dedicated to nurturing our thriving lavender farm through eco-conscious practices and supporting our local community in Rockford, MI, while giving back to the Earth by planting a new lavender plant with every purchase.


Our Sustainable Vision: Nurturing Lavender and the Environment


As a small, family-owned business founded in March 2023 by Sierra and Andrew, we are passionate about cultivating a sustainable future for our beloved lavender plants and the environment. Our idyllic 4+ acre property, nestled in Rockford, MI, features sandy soil and picturesque surroundings, providing the perfect environment for growing and nurturing our lavender collection. We employ eco-friendly practices at every stage of our process, from planting and cultivation to product creation and packaging.


Planting for a Brighter Tomorrow: One Lavender Plant at a Time


With every purchase, we commit to planting a new lavender plant, ensuring a lasting legacy of growth and sustainability in our enchanting haven. Your support not only helps us expand our lavender farm but also contributes to a greener and more vibrant world for generations to come.


Collaborative Creation: Supporting Local Artisans and Communities


In our quest to share the magic of lavender, we collaborate with local artisans and small businesses to craft an extensive range of homegrown and handcrafted products. From essential oils, shea butter, and bath bombs to culinary delights and apparel, our offerings embody the essence of lavender in every form.


Join Our Journey: Experience the Magic of Great Lakes Lavender Farm


We invite you to join our mission of cultivating a sustainable, eco-friendly lavender legacy by purchasing our products through various platforms, including our website, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. You can also find us at farmer’s markets, craft shows, and trade shows, where you can experience the enchanting world of Great Lakes Lavender Farm in person.


Thank you for supporting our dream and allowing us to share the captivating allure of lavender with you. Together, we’ll continue to grow and create a lasting, sustainable legacy in the heart of Rockford, MI, one lavender plant at a time.

Great Lakes Lavender Farm
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