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This page is for florists, boutiques, markets, and stores interested in purchasing Great Lakes Lavender Farm products for their retail stores. If you would like to purchase plants and plugs wholesale then please visit our Wholesale Plants page here.

Welcome to the wholesale section of Great Lakes Lavender Farm! We are thrilled to extend our passion for lavender and our commitment to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and community-driven values to your business. By partnering with us, you will be contributing to a lasting, sustainable legacy of growth, while offering your customers the enchanting allure of our homegrown and collaboratively crafted lavender products.


Wholesale Program Benefits:


  1. Quantity Discounts: Unlock exclusive tier-based quantity discounts on select products from our online catalog, designed to provide exceptional value as your order volume increases.
  2. Minimum Order: Enjoy the ease of a $60 minimum order, making it simple and accessible for businesses of all sizes to carry our exceptional lavender products.
  3. Tax-Free Orders: Provide your EIN/Tax # to qualify for tax-free orders, saving you money while supporting our mission to cultivate a sustainable, eco-friendly lavender legacy. You will need to submit a Sales Tax Exemption form before your account is approved. You can email it to
  4. Buy now, Pay Later with Affirm (terms vary based on credit approval) Learn more about loan term lengths up to 48 months here.


Our Wholesale Offerings:


At Great Lakes Lavender Farm, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of homegrown and collaboratively crafted products. From lavender plants, essential oils, and shea butter to lotions, hand soap, bath bombs, and more, our offerings embody the essence of lavender in every form. We also produce dried lavender bundles, buds, bug spray, linen spray from hydrosol, honey, lotion, shower steamers, lip balm, and an array of lavender-infused culinary delights such as lavender lemonade, sugar, and seasoning. To showcase our love for this versatile plant, we offer lavender apparel and merchandise, too.


Join Our Journey:


By signing up for our wholesale program, you’re not only offering your customers high-quality, enchanting lavender products but also contributing to our mission of cultivating a sustainable, eco-friendly lavender legacy. Your support helps us expand our lavender farm and create a greener, more vibrant world for generations to come.


Experience the magic of Great Lakes Lavender Farm by signing up for our wholesale program today. Together, we’ll continue to grow and create a lasting, sustainable legacy in the heart of Rockford, MI, one lavender plant at a time.


Ready to Get Started?

To sign up for our wholesale program, please complete our Wholesale Application form or reach out to us at or +1 (616) 287-4187. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in bringing the captivating allure of Great Lakes Lavender Farm to your business.

Alternative Wholesale Option

If you already have a Faire account or prefer shopping on Faire then you can shop for most of our products there too! Note: Some items or availability may not always be available for wholesale on Faire if it is sold exclusively on our website.

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