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Great Lakes Lavender Farm Joins USLGA: A New Chapter in the U.S. Lavender Industry

The United States Lavender Growers Association (USLGA) recently welcomed the Great Lakes Lavender Farm as a Grower Member, strengthening the USLGA’s commitment to supporting and promoting the U.S. lavender industry. This exciting new membership marks an important milestone for the farm, and it will contribute to the industry’s continued growth and success. In this article, we will discuss the history of the USLGA, the benefits of joining the association, and the exciting future of the lavender industry in the United States.

The United States Lavender Growers Association: A Brief History

Founded in 2012, the USLGA aims to support and promote the U.S. lavender industry through research, education, networking, and marketing. The association thrives with members who are passionately involved with lavender and offers various membership levels, including Grower, Associate, and Affiliate. The USLGA has a rich history that dates back to 2006-2007 when Al Armstrong of Valley View Lavender Farm in Buhl, Idaho, first proposed the idea of creating an American Lavender Growers Association (ALGA).

Years of discussions and organizational efforts eventually led to the formation of the USLGA. The association held its first Lavender Conference in Richmond, Virginia, in 2013 and has since hosted conferences in various locations across the U.S. The USLGA has also expanded its team, hiring an Executive Director, IT Coordinator/Webmaster, and Administrative Assistant in 2022.

Great Lakes Lavender Farm Joins USLGA as a Grower Member

The Great Lakes Lavender Farm’s new membership with the USLGA will offer several benefits, including access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and industry expertise. As a Grower Member, the farm will have voting rights and the opportunity to contribute to the development of the U.S. lavender industry. The membership will also help the Great Lakes Lavender Farm connect with buyers, learn from other growers, and access educational resources to enhance their lavender production and value-added product offerings.

The USLGA’s Long-Term Goals and Mission

The USLGA has set ambitious long-term goals to provide a quality lavender crop, essential oil, and distillates to satisfy U.S. needs for these products. The association strives for the U.S. lavender industry to be recognized as a global leader in providing education, research, and support. With the addition of new members like the Great Lakes Lavender Farm, the USLGA is one step closer to achieving its goals and fulfilling its mission of supporting and promoting the United States lavender industry.

The Future of the U.S. Lavender Industry

The USLGA’s growing membership base, including the Great Lakes Lavender Farm, signals a bright future for the U.S. lavender industry. As more farms join the association, the industry’s collective voice grows stronger, enabling the USLGA to better advocate for growers, drive research and development, and share best practices among members. The USLGA’s commitment to supporting lavender farms, connecting growers to buyers, and providing continual education will help ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the U.S. lavender industry.

The Great Lakes Lavender Farm’s new membership with the USLGA marks an exciting new chapter for both the farm and the association. As the USLGA continues to expand its membership and support the growth of the U.S. lavender industry, we can look forward to a bright future filled with beautiful, fragrant fields of lavender and a thriving industry that is recognized as a global leader.

Great Lakes Lavender Farm
Great Lakes Lavender Farm

Great Lakes Lavender Farm is a small, family-owned business founded by Sierra and Andrew in March 2023. Our farm, nestled in the picturesque town of Rockford, MI, is an eco-friendly and community-driven haven where our passion for lavender blossoms into a thriving business. Our journey began in 2017 when Sierra started cultivating her hobby farm with just 30 lavender plants in Traverse City. Her love for lavender grew along with her impressive collection of plants and handmade products. Andrew, an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and small businesses, including Gone Beachin’ Apparel Company and Great Lakes Made, joined Sierra in her passion for lavender. With years of research, experience, and their shared love for lavender, the duo decided to combine their backgrounds to create Great Lakes Lavender Farm. Our idyllic 4+ acre property, complete with a greenhouse for year-round cultivation, provides the perfect environment for growing and nurturing our beloved lavender plants. At Great Lakes Lavender Farm, we offer an extensive range of homegrown and collaboratively crafted products. Our offerings include lavender plants, essential oils, shea butter, lotions, hand soap, bath bombs, dried lavender bundles, buds, bug spray, linen spray from hydrosol, honey, shower steamers, lip balm, lavender-infused culinary delights such as lavender lemonade, sugar, and seasoning, as well as lavender apparel and merchandise. Sierra and Andrew, along with their four furry friends, run the farm as a small, family-owned business committed to delivering exceptional products, fostering a sustainable approach to farming, and supporting the local community. We invite you to join us on our journey by purchasing our products through our website, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. You can also find us at farmer’s markets, craft shows, and trade shows to experience the magic of Great Lakes Lavender Farm in person. Thank you for supporting our dream and allowing us to share the enchanting world of lavender with you.

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